Everest is the highest peak in the world. The trekking to Everest is quite challenging and adventure. The trail is easy but the problem is altitude because on your every steps elevation will more higher.

Everest Base Camp Trek

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    14 Days
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    5545 m
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    Kathmandu - Kathmandu
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    3 star hotel in Kathmandu
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    March - May, September - November

The Everest Base Camp (EBC) Trek is a magnificent trekking trip in Nepal that covers the spectacular mountain scenery in the Khumbu region. The journey blends the fantastic panorama with the Himalayan cultural phenomena of unique altitude geography in the world that offers challenging trekking routes awarded with the hidden natural gems of Nepal.

Everest Base Camp Trek
Everest Base Camp Trek


Introduction of the Everest Base Camp Trek

• Location – Eastern Part of Nepal

• Distance –  120 Kilometers/75 miles

• Required Days – 13 days 12 nights

• Ultimate ascents – 6,015 m/ 1974ft

• Final descents – 5,821m/19,097 ft

• Highest Point – 5,545 m/18,500ft (Kala Pathar)

• Difficulty – Moderate – Difficulty

• Permits – Pashang Lhamu Rural Municipality Entry Fee and Sagarmatha National Park.

• Accommodations – Tea House during the trek


Everest Base Camp Trek

Furthermore, Everest Base Camp Trek is a combination of adventure and fun travel in the valley of stunning mountains. The trail leads towards heavenly steps up to the world’s highest peak as every bend in the trail permits awesome photography including beautiful scenery of lure nature, typical Sherpa villages, glacial moraines, and mountain landscapes. The journey will make more wonderful with our supportive trekking staff as there is no fear to make breakdown sweat for active adventurers where the experienced guide will explain to you about the mountains and locality with its unique cultures throughout the journey and then become responsible for everything about the trekking trip.


Everest Base Camp
Everest Base Camp

• EBC Trek Highlights  

– Located at the base of the highest peak in the world

– Perfect sunset view over Everest from Kala Patthar known as the best vantage point to view Everest.

– Breathtaking flight to Tenzing Hilary airport Lukla

– Observe the local lifestyles of Sherpa people in their Tibetan tradition and Yak herders

– Sightseeing around Namche Bazaar, the largest mountain market in the Khumbu region which was used for trading by Tibetan people and local people, It is the starting point of all Everest expeditions

– Enjoy the exceptional scene of Khumbu Icefalls and Khumbu glaciers

– Have essential acclimatization days to study facts about the Tibetan lifestyles of Sherpa people

– Passing through the Sagarmatha National Park which is the settlement of various flora and fauna

– Use the footsteps that were followed by Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Sir Edmund Hillary as well as other familiar mountaineers

– Visit Tengboche Monastery and purify your soul with the Buddhist religious vibration

– Opportunity to witness the wildlife, such as musk deer, colorful pheasants, Himalayan Thar, Tibetan snow cock

– Ancient Tengboche Monastery  at an altitude of 3,867m

– Stunning 360-degree views of the Everest mountain series

– Buddhist vibrations with prayer wheels, colorful prayer flags which have the meaning of five elements of this earth, Mani stone, and walls, high suspension bridges

– Unique mountain landscapes


In other words, the hiking tour to the Everest Base Camp is the nuclear target on their bucket list that thins to achieve in the life of adventurers over the universe because this walking activity allows beholding the astounding close-up view of pinnacled Mt. Everest from every angle of the giant mountains. The trek is an example of a super adventure to touch the beauty of the fantastic magical natural frame that makes your mind peaceful and takes you away from the hectic life of crowded cities. On the other hand, all the towering peaks of glistering mountains are the major highlights of the trek that awarded the explorers with countless Himalayan vistas of awe-inspiring silver glistering snow horizon. Mt. Everest (8,848.86m), Mt. Lhotse (8,516m), Mt. Nuptse (7,855m), Ama Dablam (6,812m), Khangtega (6,782m), Thamserku (6,623m), Kongde (6,011), Kusum Kanggaru (6,373) and best climbing peak Island peak (6,160m).

Everest Base Camp
Everest Base Camp

Moreover, trekking in the Everest region of Nepal is in many things offer to visit the genuine Himalayan museum nowhere else in the globe in such a deep concentration of mountains of great stature as out of ten, the four highest peaks are situated here and you will be enchanted by the magnificent mountain’s zenith of Khumbu valley.


It is not any doubt that the Everest Base Camp Trek is a legendary adventure trail in the sector of trekking in Nepal which is traced by the footsteps of veteran mountain climbers from the planet. The journey to Everest region is a classic exploration into the thin air of the highest mountains including beautiful geographically elevated land on earth.

Kala Patthar
Sunrise from Kala Patthar

The trekkers’ trip will be guided by the authorized government licensed holder experienced friendly guide that helps the hikers to grow their strength and confidence day to day in the majestic mountainous province as well as impressed with the friendly hospitality provided in the remote areas of Nepal.


The 8th-day walking journey  Everest Base Camp Trek will lead you to the Everest Base Camp (5363m), which is the expedition spot for climbing Mt. Everest as many well-known climbers had already set their feet to encounter the closest possible series of the glistering snowcapped towering mountains.



The highest peak in the world, Everest was scaled by Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Sir Edmund Hillary from New Zeeland in 1953, and many other adventure seekers from the earth still follow their achievements and get ready for the Everest summit.


It is a matter of blessing from the holy mountain goddess, as it is called Sagarmatha in Nepali Sagar means sky, and Matha means head, so it is the head of the sky.


This adventure journey definitely teaches travelers a lot of great lessons and makes their knowledge broad in their life once you visit the base camp, it makes you come again and again with its fascinating glorious views.


• Locations of The Everest Base Camp

There are two base camps on Mount Everest, the south base camp is situated in Nepal at an altitude of 5,364/ 17,598 ft, and another north base camp lies in Tibet, China at 51,150/16,900ft.


The base camps are rudimentary campsites at the base camp of Everest which are used by the mountaineers during the season of climbing for ascent and descent as the trekkers also set their feet on this spot.


In addition, the south base camp is used while climbing via the south ridge, and the north base camp is used when climbing resume via the northeast ridge by the climbers.


The climbing equipment is shipped south base camp by porters and the help of animals as normally using Jopke and Yaks whereas the north base camp is facilitated by well-paved road construction branches from the China National Highway 318. It is the acclimatization spot for climbers where they spend several days to avoid the risk of acute mountain sickness.


Similarly, Everest Base Camp Trek is one of the genius trekking trips in the world that is undoubtedly centered on the world’s highest peak the journey provides you the natural thrill leading through mind-blowing high elevated landscapes in the lap of the towering majestic mountains.


• Comprehensive Trek Guide for Everest Base Camp Trek 

The adventure journey to Everest Base Camp Trek begins with an inspiring 25 minutes flight from Kathmandu to Tenzing Hillary airport at Lukla. Lukla (2,840m/9,317ft) is the beginning point and ending spot of the trek.


It lies in the eastern part of Nepal you are here to get ready for the EBC trek adventure in the Khumbu region. Hence getting off the flight at the Lukla airport, the long walking trip resumed, and our targeted point is Phakding on the first day.


The journey passes through the luring nature of Chaurikharka with savoring the fabulous scenery on our way then descent along the bank of the Dudh Koshi River.


The hiking exploration will be filled with the Sherpa traditional villages, excellent landscapes, lush green forests, and crosses by several suspension bridges over Dudh Koshi and other Himalayan Rivers of the Everest region.


Chaurikhraka, Chheplung, Nachipang, and Koshigaun are some notable mountain settlement lies between Lukla and Phakding which are settled at the altitude of 2,500m/8202ft on the bank of Dudh Koshi River.


During the spring season (March to May), the journey will be filled with the colorful rhododendron forests and blue pines growing on the side of the river valleys that make your journey more enchanted.


The trek leads you to more exciting places after a delicious breakfast the journey will resume to Namche Bazaar as the trails are quite strenuous but the Himalayan vistas are quite attractive with the lush green plowed fields, green alpine woods including rolling slopes definitely stimulate you to move forward your further destinations.


The glorious Mount Everest is standing towards the sky that encounters your eyes from Top the hill. On the way, we will take the permits to enter the national park from Sagramatah National Park and move further than continuing walking activities to Everest Base Camp odyssey till to reach Namche Bazaar which is the well-known gateway to Mt. Everest.


Namche Bazaar is the traditional trading center to exchange goods with the locals and Tibetan people in the ancient period where 98% of the houses in this area owned hotels and restaurants that let you get the chance to mingle with the locals of Namche Bazaar.


Similarly, Tok Tok, Benkar, Jorsalle, and Monjo are the main rest point that lies between Phkding and Namche Bazaar as all these villages are ornamented with huge stones carved by Buddhist Mantra “OM MANI PADMI HUM”.


These Mane stones and Chortens are the sacred property of the Tibetan Buddhist’s property as people believe that these things bring good luck and well wishes for all the trekkers and for the locals rounding these in a clockwise circle for positive vibes in your mind.


The explorations trip lets you savor the sights of several prayer flags and large prayer wheels as the nasty chill cold breeze from the pristine river reminds you of a higher altitude.


The trails lead through several unique suspension bridges hanging between cliffs closest to each other and your ear gets sounded by the currents of the river gushing just in below. It will be an awesome moment to cross the incredible Tenzing Hillary suspension bridge on the way to Namche Bazaar.


The suspension bridge is beautifully tied up by the prayer flags and colorful scarf called Khada which are put by the Sherpa locality. Hence, after the steep climbing uphill trek, you will reach to typical Namche Bazaar (3440m) where you will get substantial elevations where you need time for acclimatization.


For the utilization of this resting period, we set the hike up to the Everest View Hotel or the beautiful Khumjung Sherpa settlement and go to observe the local Sherpa mountain museum.


This museum is run by Sonam, a famous mountain photographer where you can have the opportunity to see the traditional Sherpa household equipment, an art gallery, pictures of Everest mountaineers, and a glimpse of Sherpa history.


The interesting point of hiking over Khumjung and Everest view hotel (highest – placed hotel in the world) is to broaden the knowledge and lively study of Yak farm, Khumjung Buddhist monastery, Hillary school, Syangboche Airstrip although the airport has been closed for almost a decade the views from here are outstanding.


The other day journey after acclimatization we head towards Tengboche, another gem of the province of Everest.


The well–known Tengboche Monastery, the largest monastery in the region located at an altitude of 3,867 m/12687ft, in a pleasant mountainous environment perfectly suited for yoga and meditation, just the sounds of air struck into the thin air sounds produced by Himalayan flora and fauna especially musk deer and Lophophorus.


The scenery of Mt. Ama Dablam greatly presents the most entertaining matter in the background which makes you more delighted.


The route from Namche Bazaar to Tengboche passes through rocky trails up and down and your eyes encounter the astounding views of Mt. Nuptse, Lhotse, and other numerous towering peaks as it is a walking tour of about 9 kilometers.


In addition, the next day trip will be set to the picaresque mountainous village of Dingboche, the place is largely occupied by the Sherpa ethnic group and set in the backdrop of Mt Ama Dablam and other neighboring peaks where you can feel that you are in the lap of the paradise.


Dingboche (4,410m/14,470ft), is the best vantage point to behold the Himalayan series of the Khumbu Valley such as Lhotse (8,516m/27,940ft), Nuptse (7,861m/25,791ft), Makalu (8,485m/27,838ft), Cho Oyu (8,189m/26,867ft), Ama Dablam (6,812m/22349ft), Thamserku (6,608m/21680ft), Island Peak (6189m/20305ft), Lobuche Peak (4,940m/16,210ft) and many more mountain series.


The trekking distance is almost about 11 km, may complete around 6 to 7 hours as the way first descend into the forest and pass through the small Sherpa settlement of Dibuche and followed by the rhododendron forests we cross the suspension bridge over Imja Khola reach Pangboche village after walking steep in the trekking trail where famous Pangboche Monasteries located which was built in 16th-century recording one of the oldest monasteries in the modern history.


Normally, people stop here for the lunch and they have a chance to soak in the natural beauty of various landscapes of hills and mountains on the horizon, then the journey goes through the Somari village and crosses another stream to get to Dingboche.


Dingboche village is beautifully settled in the mountain valley of the Khumbu region that you will gain a higher elevation and get ready for another acclimatization day for your Everest Base Camp Trek.


On this rest day, we set our journey to Nagarjun Hill to opt for the mirror views of Mt. Ama Dablam, Lhotse, Island Peak, Cho Oyu, and Makalu.  Furthermore, after spending a day at Dingboche we get ready for our next destination Lobuche (4,940m/16,210ft) walking through the Yak grazing meadow towards Thukla.


From Thukla it steeply ascends to Thukla pass and rests for a while then follow the rocky trail alongside the Khumbu Glacier on your way you will be awarded by the excellent views of Mt. Pumori, Lingtren, Khumbutse then arrives at Lobuche walking approximately 8.5 km southwest ridge of the base camp let you an opportunity of rare view of the mountains.


After your stay in Lobuche that you are about to be ready to overcome the main goal of this trip to Everest Base Camp.


However, the way before reaching to base camp all need to hike a rocky looser trail to Gorakshep (5,164m/16,942ft) and do check in at the tea house then eat your lunch, and be prepared for EBC leave your belongings at the tea house and go through the alongside the Khumbu Glacier until you step in the base camp as the path is full steeps climb in the losing rocks but the panorama is mind-blowing which you had never thought in your mind, lakes are gorgeous, glistering Khumbu Glaciers and awesome Khumbu Ice Falls that is soul gratifying.


Likewise, we will spend some time and take a life memory photograph for your life experience and it will be the most adventurous passion in your life at the base of the world’s highest peak.  Everest Base Camp is not easy as it is one of the most challenging journeys that you will have to prevail against altitude, nasty colder with frigid weather in harsh terrain.


The journey is tough but it is your remarkable achievement in your life that the offspring always feel proud on your adventure marker stone in the lifetime experience.


Same as, while you step into the base camp, Khumbu Icefall is standing in front of you to welcome your great achievement which is the world’s deepest Icefall. After spending our time with adventure breath, we will back to Gorakshep and spend overnight there waiting for our next day’s ascent to Kala Patthar.

The journey will be more adventurous, we make our courage from our heart and get ready and proceed steeply up to the Kala Patthar in the dawn then catch the extraordinary views of sunrise from the opposite side of Everest and surrounding peaks.


Similarly, we will be delighted by the magnificent sunrise view in the nasty cold and we will descend to Gorakshep and rest for a while then eat breakfast. After eating a delicious breakfast you need to backpack and hike down to Pheriche village for our next stop to spend our adventure night.


Subsequently, our next day is filled with joy that we have already overcome the great Everest Base Camp, and taking the unforgettable moment in our mind we proceed to Namche Bazaar taking after our delicious breakfast and head towards Tengboche.


The route is filled with beautiful rhododendron forests and juniper woods crossing a bridge over Imja Khola then taken by the final steep descent will reach Tengboche, a peaceful healing center by natural vibrations and after some rest walk again descent to Phungi Tenga then cross the suspension bridge and ascend in the rocky trails inside the alpine trees.


Afterward, walking over the rocky path you will get in Sanasa and Kyanjuma, if we are lucky we may see wildlife like Himalayan goats, Himalayan monal, musk deer, and snow leopards. After, walking on the plain track we will reach Namche Bazaar where we spend our night in the chill and relaxed day after our long mountain journey to Everest.


In the same way, after our breakfast the journey again descent to Phakding downhill which is not that much difficult as ascending. We will pass through several suspension bridges and then reach Phakding and we may take our lunch there.


Finally, we set our destination to Lukla after our lunch completing our motto to Everest Base Camp. The way continues to move along the bank of the Dudh Koshi River on the rocky trail where we will encounter many trekkers, mules, and Jopke, it will be a huge amusement that you will experience in your life, and reach to Lukla is our final stop for the EBC trekking trip.


So, you will have an awesome stay in Lukla as you can go sightseeing around the beautiful typical Sherpa local touristic market and can taste the local foods. Finally, in the morning after a delicious breakfast in Lukla, you will proceed to Tenzing Hillary airstrip at Lukla and take the 25 minutes flight to Kathmandu which is the ending point of your Everest Base Camp Trekking Trip.


• The Length and Terrain of Everest Base Camp Trek 

It is almost 92 kilometers that the total distance covered throughout the Everest Base Camp. Normally, the trek begins after a tasty breakfast around 7 am – 8 am as per your planning provided by the guide, and will get the chance to take many photographs of different landscapes and have a rest point for taking tea or coffee on the way to EBC.


The altitude is gradually getting higher and the trekking itinerary includes the perfect acclimatization for two days on your ascent. While climbing the mountains there should not be a rush as it might be risky for your health and chances to get easy altitude sickness, so, the walking should be smooth and slow as most hiking days are completed around the afternoon.


In the fact, people are thinking that they have to climb Mount Everest Base Camp but it is truly a trekking trip rather than climbing. The walking terrain is the well-trodden and defined hiking trail which is last in the glacial moraine of Khumbu glacier with the Khumbu Icefall. The path is covered by crushed rocks which do not offer the technical equipment and crampon.


In the past, those were rickety wooden affairs but nowadays it is facilitated by constructed higher metal suspension bridges over Dudh Koshi River several times down Namche Bazaar.


• Best Time for Everest Base Camp Trek

The best time for Everest Base Camp Trek is spring (March, April, and May), and autumn (September, October, and November), during this time the weather remains pleasant means neither hot nor too cold.


If you want to observe the combination of greenery and clear blue sky with the glistering white silver snowcapped mountains then autumn is the perfect season but if you want to see the colorful vistas of rhododendron flowers with snowcapped shining mountains in the zenith then spring is the most recommended time for your awesome adventure.


There is not any risk of unknown weather and climate change as the atmosphere is quite translucent in the surroundings. In addition, the EBC trek is obtainable all months in a year but in the winter season it may be heavy snowfall, the Summer Mountains will be covered by clouds as well as the trail will be slippery because of continuous rainfall as flight might be affected by the bad weather in Tenzing Hillary airport at Lukla.


• EBC Trek difficulty  

• The Everest Base Camp Trek is an adventure trekking trip with higher elevation but the trail is not that much strain. Most trekkers suffer from altitude sickness on gaining higher altitude which is why everyone should take smooth walking as per their stamina. Similarly, all should have the conventional acclimatization to adjust to the higher elevation.


• The ultimate altitude of the EBC trek is 5,545m, which is not friendly for beginners and novice trekkers as it is a tricky adventure journey in the mighty Himalayas.


Normally, the weather in the mountainous region gets frequently changes, so the travel is sometimes difficult even for experienced trekkers too but sure the previous trekking experience is a beneficial part of hiking.


The rote consists of trodden sections that may cause blisters on the explorer’s feet because of inconvenient trekking shoes so, make sure that you are preparing comfortable and proper sizes for your feet as you are heading for a long journey around the remote area of Nepal.


• Preparation for Everest Base Camp Trek 

The journey to Everest is not a joke a higher spot, you need to ascend and descend in your walking journey on an uneven trekking route of around 13 days carrying your small backpack hiking for at least 4 – 6 hours needs more stamina and endurance.


So, it is better to do cardio exercises and physical activities like running and hiking a few months earlier. First, make a plan for Everest Camp Trek and do some study about the trail and keep your higher psychological phenomena and keep the regular physical training.


Furthermore, you have to understand that, there is less oxygen in the higher elevation as your lungs are unable to supply enough oxygen to your muscles so if you want to make it successful keep continuing the physical exercise.


Although it is not climbing Mount Everest still you need to prepare mentally and physically, both sections of your confidence level need the obtained your target to summit Everest Base Camp as the adventure exploration demands a high degree of difficulty.


You have to be aware and prepare for the rapidly changing weather and higher probability of acute mountain sickness.


Lifetime Adventure Experience in the Precious Base of the World’s Highest Mountain Mt. Everest

The Mountains are the best choice for everyone for the adventure journey to experience peace, spirituality, and soulful nature. The Everest Base Camp Trek is allowing the blends of culture, nature, varieties of Himalayan landscapes, and numerous mountain vistas on the horizon. The journey is quite tough but it will test your endurance and stamina even in the difficult conditions that help you to struggle in the hardest times in your life.


Likewise, trekking must be required for safety, so it is essential to cooperate with the professional organizer of such fantastic expeditions. Finally, It is really the perfect memorable journey that you have ever done in your life.


• Accommodation during the EBC Trek 

Mostly the accommodations on the Everest Base Camp trekking trip are teahouses but Lukla, Phkading, Namche Bazaar, and Dingboche have the choices of facilitated hotels as per your budget. Same as, tea houses are bed-and-breakfast guest house constructed for adventure explorers as it is simple, clean, and convenient.


The walls are separated by plywood and outside and inside temperatures are not different. You will get blankets but sometimes if the flow of trekkers is overloaded then at that situation you may need your own sleeping bags because it gets colder in the morning and at night almost minus degrees around 0 – 30 degrees.


Body Shower On Trek – Everything is getting expensive while you are obtaining higher ascend. In the same way, materials in the mountains supply through porters, mules, and Yak, which is quite expensive compared to the city area, the average cost for a hot shower is NPR 500 which is worth after longtime walk and mostly the hot water is provided from gas and sometimes you also need to use bucket shower means to pour the hot water in the pale and put the deeper then pour over your body.


But In Lobuche and Gorakshep may get too cold and at these places, it is better to avoid showers because you may catch an easy cold and you can use wet wipes for cleaning your body in the alternatives. Take a sanitizer for cleaning your hand as always water and soap may not be available because water almost gets frozen in the higher mountain region in the morning and at night.


Charging – Lights are available in the room but for charging your electric accessories need to go to the dining hall and you have to pay an average of 200 or more as per the places. Tea houses usually offer a large dining hall where you can eat and relax with other guests getting the heat from the iron oven that burns Yak dung.   In sum, most of the places have western type toilets but you need to take your own toilet paper for cleaning


Food on the EBC Trek

Delicious meals are available in every tea house, it is expected that you will eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner per day as sometimes you will have a tea break at the trekking stops. There is a common quote telling by people “Dalbhat Power Twenty-Four Hour” as the dal baht is mostly eating Nepali traditional cuisine, guide and porters are always enjoying this because when your plate gets empty they will refill rice, lentil soup, and potatoes curry.


Experience the Breathtaking flights to Tenzing Hillary Airport at Lukla, the gateway to Everest Base Camp Trek. 

The latest updated flight for Lukla – Due to airport maintenance work and huge traffic in the Tribhuwan International Airport, all the aircraft lights are transformed to Manthali airport in Ramechhap.


There might be driving for 4 – 5 hours to reach Ramechhap from Kathmandu is a demerit of the journey but good thing there are fewer chances of cancelation then in Kathmandu Lukla the flight to Lukla still possible by taking a helicopter as it is quite expensive in comparison with the airplane.


Moreover, the luggage limitation is 10 kg, hopefully, you will manage your backpack somewhere at a hotel in Kathmandu where you stay and they will not charge any fees for storing your luggage.  It will be the most amazing flight that you have ever taken in your life that provided you with unforgettable memory in your life.


Significant Notes for Everest Base Camp Trek

  •  Flights to Lukla now operate from Manthali Airport Ramechhap due to heavy air traffic at the Tribhuvan International Airport. It will take around 4 to 5 hours to reach Manathali by driving from Kathmandu so, need to depart around midnight to get early morning flights there will not be day or evening flights because of the strong winds in the mountains after the afternoon.
  • • Due to bad weather sometimes flights may delay or cancel so it is better to optimize 3 or 4 days if you want to take a helicopter flight from Kathmandu to Lukla, you need to add an extra $ 300 to $ 400.
  • • Limitations of load carried by a porter is only 20 kg, so please keep this in mind and pack lightly, we provide a duffle bag which is more convenient for a porter to carry.
  • • Airlines only allow the 10 kg to 15 kg weight limit, so please pack lightly, and for extra weight need pay at the airline counter.
  • • We would like a request you to provide a passport copy together with the booking as we need it for flight booking and sometimes hotel booking to breakfast is included at the hotel in Kathmandu but you need to manage lunch and dinner by yourself.
  • • Meals and accommodations are included in your trekking package but alcoholic items, soft drink like coke, beer, whisky, and mineral water is not included.
  • • You need to pay the extra payment for hot showers ($3-$5) and charging your electronic devices ($1-$3)
  • • For the internet you can buy a Wi-Fi card provided by Everest link at Lukla or at Namche Bazaar.
  • • The weather in the mountain region is unpredictable that will be changed frequently so, because of unforeseen weather issue itinerary might need to be modified, please be patient and follow your guide.
  • • The Everest region is not allowed to use drones unless you have permission from the government, so please follow the rules and regulations.
  • • Remember your strong insurance which must be covered your Everest Base Camp adventure travel.
  • • The outstanding Himalayan Vistas are waiting on your impressive  Journey to Everest Region.

Trip Itinerary

On your arrival at Tribhuwan International airport in Kathmandu, our representative will welcome you with a garland of marigolds and transfer you to the hotel.  In the hotel, you are again warmly welcomed by the juice and you will be explained about the following day's program by our travel expert and probably meet with your guide at the same time. The accommodations might be in a three-star hotel or in a five-star hotel as per your recommended trekking package.  This day after check-in, you can rest at the hotel and of around to sighting the tourist market in Thamel where you can buy trekking gear and be prepared for the next day's adventure trip to Everest Base Camp and overnight stay in the hotel.

  • Meals: Breakfast Included

Now, it is the time to set your feet towards Everest Base Camp Trek as early in the morning we drive to the domestic airport of Kathmandu to fly to Tenzing Hillary Airport at Lukla, early in the morning as the flight is the only option to reach Lukla from Kathmandu and must proceed early in the morning to catch an early flight. Your guide will pick up you from the hotel lobby and lead you to the airport for a boarding flight the flight duration is 25 minutes but you will have a breathtaking experience flying over majestic mountains. The panorama of the different mountains comes close to your access which is a fantastic feeling in your life that leads you to the kingdom of beautiful Himalayas. Lukla a small town surrounded by attractive mountains is the beginning point and ending point of the EBC Trek. After landing at Lukla you will meet with the entire team who are waiting to assist your successful trekking trip to eat breakfast at the tea house then get ready for resuming the adventure journey to the Everest region towards the typical Sherpa village Phakding is the first stop on your trip. You will follow the rocky trails crossing by the various Mani walls and Chorten on the way and the trail is not difficult as the Phakding is located at the lower point even than the Lukla. After a delicious breakfast at Lukla proceed towards your destination past the Pasang Lhamu Rural Municipality office and take the permit there and walk downhill through Cheplung and witness Mt. Khumbila. Likewise, the walking goes along the bank of the deep green river Dudh Koshi near Ghat and after climbing the trails you will reach Phakding. You have to go through several tiny villages, suspension bridges, and green lush jungles before reaching Phakding which offers you several luxurious guest houses. Overnight stay at tea house.

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

After a delicious breakfast, you will proceed to Namche Bazaar, the trail is quite tough this day as you hike through the wheat terrains along the bank of the River. There are several suspension bridges that you have to cross on your trekking exploration then following the footsteps of other fellow trekkers make your way up to the valley inside the alpine forests. The trail goes inside the alpine woods and rhododendron forests that are ornamented with the trail with its beautiful colorful flowers which looks spectacular during spring the slide steeply then reach Benkar and crosses the Dudh Koshi River at this point. The horizon is covered by beautiful mountains which you can view and enjoy as their beauty reach Monjo, you need to take the National Park to permit in Sagarmatha Notational Park office here then head to Jorsalle where you can eat your lunch.  After the Lunch break, you go further to the rugged lane and cross the suspension bridge and go along the bank of the Dudh Koshi River bank then the way tougher uphill passing through the Tenzing Hillary suspension bridge. The continued walking uphill leads you to the trail inside the alpine and juniper forest until to reach Namche Bazaar. Overnight stay at the tea house.

  • Accommodation: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

This is the day for adjusting your body to the higher altitude so that risk of acute mountain sickness gets lower. Namche Bazaar is a typical Himalayan market located in the high altitude place in the world which is famous for its trading center in the Khumbu valley. Similarly, many trekkers acclimatize here before proceeding their trek to Everest province as this town is also well known as an ancient trading hub between locals and Tibetan people as the town is the end point of restaurants, cafes, ATMs, fast internet services, and many more. During your acclimatization day we have set the hiking program to Everest View Hotel and Khumjung village from there you can see the outstanding panorama of the Everest Himalayan range  and most importantly, this hiking journey helps your body cope up with higher altitude and that helps your body to digest the altitude. After, spending your time around Everest View Hotel, descend to Everest photo gallery, there you can see the beautiful pictures of flora and fauna of Sagrarmatha National Park then back to your guest house and relax. Overnight stay at the tea house.

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinnder

In the morning after delicious breakfast, do backpack and get ready to head towards next stop Tengboche on your way to Everest Base Camp Trek. The trekking day is quite challenging because you will obtain more attitude but the satisfaction is providing by the exceptional snowcapped mountains and spiritualty of Tengboche Monastery gives you spiritual vibration heals your spirit peacefully. The trail is easy and smooth until you reach to Kyanjuma then descent through the rocky trail inside the alpine and rhododendron woods to the Phungi Tenga. There is a check point in Phungi Tenga where you have to register your details and permit to Everest region alongside the tiny village. Similarly, following ascend rocky and dusty trails uphill you can see the close view of Ama Dablam, Khangtega and other mountains of Everest region. The trail is trodden and smalls pebbles are there on your way, you have to careful when walking and let the way first to Yak which are using for transport in the region and one more thing you have to keep in mind when you let the way to Yak you have to stay in the corner side otherwise they might be pushed you and you may fell down. Continuing your uphill climb through rocky terrain and zigzag route leading through the tree line forward to green lush forest lead you to the Tengboche. Overnight stay in the tea house.  

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

The trek today lead you quite beautiful vistas of several beautiful mountains pass through the beautiful unique Pangboche Sherpa village face to face view of Mount Ama Dablam. The way heading through the rhododendron forest and juniper woods to Debuche, alternative station of Tengboche on your journey to Everest region as you regular walking passing by inscribed stones obtaining more elevation and cross the suspension bridge over Imja Khola and reach to Pangboche. You can have short break and observe the beautiful landscape in the backdrop of the Mount Ama Dablam. The elevation is getting higher throughout the Himalayan terrain and you will go through the trekking trail up to Somari and continue your walking in the verdant of dry vegetation to the windy path doen to small stream then cross the suspension bridge and walking up to the rocky trail in the flat land approach to the beautiful Sherpa settlement Dingboche. Overnight stay at the tea house

  • Accommodation: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Dingboche is located at the altitude of 4,410 meters from the sea level as this is another day for acclimatization day on your EBC trek which provides you enough adjustment to settle down your body with the higher elevation. The hill is situated at the top of the Dingboche, it will be taken 3 to 4 hours to opt the viewpoint from there you can witness the mountain scenery of Tawache, Thamserku, Lobuche west, and most beautifully mirror view of the Ama Dablam. There is also an alternative route to hike towards Chukung valley which is the leading path to Island Peak. The way to Chukung offers the best Himalayan sceneries of Makalu, Ama Dablam and numerous nice peaks. After spending your worthy moments in the hiking then back to Dingboche and relax. Overnight stay at the tea house.

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Early in the morning after your breakfast we begin our hike the second elevated village on this trail Lobuche. This day you will walk mostly alongside of the renowned Khumbu Glacier up to Everest Base Camp. The hiking goes up hill and immediately get in the Yak grazing meadow in the flat land above Pheriche village direction towards Nagkartshang Peak. Further, the walking leads you towrads Thukla and you will be awarded by the astounding views of Tawache, Choltase, Arakamche and Lobuche peak. It is just smooth walk in the verdant up to Thukla in the wide dry Himalayan valley for few hours. After lunch break in Thukla you go further steep uphill to Thukla Pass passing through the steep ascend and you will get more altitude so, you have to take slow and steady walk and have rest at the pass and marvelous scene of attractive Pumori, Khumbutse and other peaks. The trail is easy in the higher altitude but there are loser stones and the track is not well managed, continuing your walk for an hour you will reach to Lobuche. Overnight stay at the tea house.

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

This is the most memorable and exciting day in your life, because you are going to Everest Base Camp Trekking adventure in your life which gives you the most amazing vibes in your life. Before been to you need to hike up to Gorakshep which is the highest stop point in our trekking tour that is closest to the EBC. The journey has two sections one is Gorakshep on your first half your trek and second one is base of Everest as after your tasty breakfast you head towards in the leadership of mountain guide foloowing the wide valley parallel with Khumbu Glacier and gradually obtain slow and smooth move over the rocky track. The way is quite steep that you arrive before the moraine of Changri Nup Glacier on this route while you continue you are moving up the views of towering mountains.  Similarly, you have to ascend and descent through the sandy paths that takes to Gorakshep but you will get more altitude with the closest vista of Everest. When you arrive at Gorakshep, check put your stuffs in the tea house and eat your lunch then get ready for Everest Base Camp hike. You begin your journey to EBC immediately after your lunch there walking alongside of the Khumbu Glacier. If you trek in the spring, it is the season for climbing, there you may encounters with many porters and Yaks supplying expedition equipment on the trails. After your few hours walking during step climbs witness the pristine lakes, glaciers and remarkable Khumbu Icefalls. Likewise, while you get in the Everest Base Camp that you will feel you are in the heaven with the mesmerizing views of wonderful mountains in the surroundings, those are standing at your side. You spend your time there for sure to take memorable photography for your lifetime memory and back to Gorakshep. Overnight stay at the tea house.

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Wake up early in the morning and hike up to Kala Pathar is the best vantage point to behold the 360 degree Mount Everest and its neighboring peaks. You will see the golden sun rise from the opposite of Everest that enchants your mind and soul. Your solo and steady walking in the steep ascend awarded the extraordinary mountain sceneries of Everest region from the Kala Pathhar. The sunlight over Himalaya is really the breathtaking experience and Everest is stunningly stand in front of you that hypnotized visitors by its unique attraction. Spending your time there to cherish the moment of high Himalayan journey then descent to Gorakshep, eat your breakfast and set your destination to Pheriche. You retreat to Pheriche via Lobuche, throughout the trail you will walk alongside the Khumbu Glacier with the higher stamina on overcome the EBC trek. Most of the walking sections are downhill as you have already walked throug so, it is easy to get you Pheriche. Overnight stay at the tea house.

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Included

After breakfast in the morning you head descend  all the way to Phungi Tenga and obtain lower elevationand it is quite tough to descend may get joint problem so, you have to prepare well for your downhill trekking. This is the day for hiking in the lower part of the Everest region but the journey is quite long in comparison with other days. Enjoying with the same sceneries to EBC as the portion of trail is easy and less tricky. Passing through by several village you will reach to Namche Bazaar. Overnight stay at the tea house

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

The adventure journey to Everest Base Camp almost completed in this day heading down to Lukla after delicious breakfast in Namche Bazaar. It is all the way steep down that you must be careful while walking in the rocky trails as the loser stones may disturb your hiking. You can have fun talking and crack joke to make journey more exciting. Continuing descend will lead you to Lukla. This is the most valuable day for you as most of the trekkers they celebrate the successful journey of Everest and they celebrate their time by eating cake and organizing party to guide and porters happily.  Overnight stay in the tea house.

  • Meals: Breakfast Lunch and Dinner

Early in the morning after your breakfast you will proceed to Lukla airstrip and take your flight and fly back to Kathmandu observing the different landscape from the window of the aircraft. While, landing you at Kathmandu airport drive back to your hotel and relax after your long day journey to Everest Base Camp.

Before 3 hours your flight shadule our representatives will fare well you and take you to Tribhuban International Airport and you take your flight and fly back to your home country.

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    18th July, 2027 1st August, 2027 $ 1500 Guaranteed
    22nd July, 2027 5th August, 2027 $ 1500 Guaranteed
    26th July, 2027 9th August, 2027 $ 1500 Guaranteed
    30th July, 2027 13th August, 2027 $ 1500 Guaranteed
    3rd August, 2027 17th August, 2027 $ 1500 Guaranteed
    7th August, 2027 21st August, 2027 $ 1500 Guaranteed
    11th August, 2027 25th August, 2027 $ 1500 Guaranteed
    15th August, 2027 29th August, 2027 $ 1500 Guaranteed
    19th August, 2027 2nd September, 2027 $ 1500 Guaranteed
    23rd August, 2027 6th September, 2027 $ 1500 Guaranteed
    27th August, 2027 10th September, 2027 $ 1500 Guaranteed
    31st August, 2027 14th September, 2027 $ 1500 Guaranteed
    4th September, 2027 18th September, 2027 $ 1500 Guaranteed
    8th September, 2027 22nd September, 2027 $ 1500 Guaranteed
    12th September, 2027 26th September, 2027 $ 1500 Guaranteed
    16th September, 2027 30th September, 2027 $ 1500 Guaranteed
    20th September, 2027 4th October, 2027 $ 1500 Guaranteed
    24th September, 2027 8th October, 2027 $ 1500 Guaranteed
    28th September, 2027 12th October, 2027 $ 1500 Guaranteed
    2nd October, 2027 16th October, 2027 $ 1500 Guaranteed
    6th October, 2027 20th October, 2027 $ 1500 Guaranteed
    10th October, 2027 24th October, 2027 $ 1500 Guaranteed
    14th October, 2027 28th October, 2027 $ 1500 Guaranteed
    18th October, 2027 1st November, 2027 $ 1500 Guaranteed
    22nd October, 2027 5th November, 2027 $ 1500 Guaranteed
    26th October, 2027 9th November, 2027 $ 1500 Guaranteed
    30th October, 2027 13th November, 2027 $ 1500 Guaranteed
    3rd November, 2027 17th November, 2027 $ 1500 Guaranteed
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    1st December, 2027 15th December, 2027 $ 1500 Guaranteed
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    21st December, 2027 4th January, 2028 $ 1500 Guaranteed
    25th December, 2027 8th January, 2028 $ 1500 Guaranteed
    29th December, 2027 12th January, 2028 $ 1500 Guaranteed
    2nd January, 2028 16th January, 2028 $ 1500 Guaranteed
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    12th July, 2028 26th July, 2028 $ 1500 Guaranteed
    16th July, 2028 30th July, 2028 $ 1500 Guaranteed
    20th July, 2028 3rd August, 2028 $ 1500 Guaranteed

    Trip Included

    • Airport Pick up and Drop
    • Two Nights Accommodations in 3 star hotel in Kathamndu
    • Both way flight from Kathamndu to Lukla and, Lukla to Kathamndu
    • Meals During the Trekking Trip
    • Accommodations in tea houses during trekking
    • Experienced English Speaking Guide with His Insurance
    • Porter (1 porter for 2 trekkers) with His Insurance
    • Fresh Seasonal Fruit
    • All government taxes
    • All ground transprtations
    • Sagarmatha National Park Intry Permit Fees
    • Khumbu Pasang Lhamu Rural Municipality Entry Fees
    • Sleeping Bags
    • Company Service Charge
    • First Aid Kit

    Trip Excluded

    • International Flight Ticket
    • Visa Fee
    • Travel Insurance
    • Personnel Expenses
    • Tips for Guide
    • Tips for Porter and Driver
    • Any Alcoholic Drink and Soft Drink like Beer, Whisky, Coke, Fanta, Mineral Water
    • Hot Shower, Internet, Electronic Device Charging


    Moreover, for the Everest Base Camp Trek, everyone needs a tourist visa during their stay in Nepal and the visa services are easy to get upon your arrival at Tribhuwan International Airport in Kathmandu. If you pay 50 USD you will get 30 days of multiple visas, as well as you can also allow multiple – entry visa for 90 days with the payment of 30 USD as we would like to remind you that you must take two passports seizes photos.  Furthermore, some nationalities from the following countries and refugees with travel documents are not capable of visas on arrival. • Cameroon                     Somalaia   • Zimbabwe                      Liberia • Swaziland                      Ethiopia • Afghanistan                    Syria • Palestine                        Iraq • Somalia                         Ghana • Nigeria                          Cameroon So, the citizenship holder of the above nationality should get their visa from the nearby embassy of Nepal.

    It is simple to plan your trip to Everest Base Camp just click our Everest Base Camp Trek and book clicking by the booking button on the side as per your convenience date for customizing your trip you can simply send an inquiry for your essential days and dates. We suggest some tips before planning your Everest Base Camp Trek Select the best time – Simply, spring (March, April, and May), and autumn (September, October, and November) are the best season for trekking in Nepal. If you choose the wrong time for your EBC trek sometime you may not able to obtain a successful trip which may give you a bitter experience so, use your conscience wisely at right time. - Be confirm whether you are choosing a luxury trekking package or a budget trip, which means in luxury trip includes accommodation in the luxurious 5-star hotels in Kathmandu and in the trekking trail in your further journey. In the same way, a normal budget trekking package includes 3-star hotels in Kathmandu and the best tea houses during the trekking trip. - Before your book the EBC study the excludes and includes in the package - Be fit for the higher elevation walking - Consult your health issues with the doctor - Keep in mind the risk of altitude sickness - Buy travel insurance to cover EBC for your emergency evacuation coverage before planning your adventure trip. - Use the proper gear and wear comfortable hiking shoes which may save you to get blisters on your feet

    Crampons are not essential during the trek to Everest Base Camp but it depends on which season you are trekking in the Everest region, like if you are trekking in winter season then there might be heavy frozen Ice on the way, and at that case, you need to use crampons.

    Yes, there are ATM machines in Lukla and Namche Bazaar where you can take out the cash to fulfill your economic necessity but for your accommodations trekking package is enough.

    Client Reviews

    • March 13, 2023

    Everest Base Camp Trek

    I was searching for Everest Base Camp Trek for my adventure trip in Nepal. I checked google and I found many tour operators and I was in a dilemma about which is the best, finally, I found Himalayan Vista Trekking Company and I inquired about my Everest Base Camp Trek then I drop a message to this company’s representatives, I was surprised because they replied me within a minute and describe Everest Base Camp Trek in details which were awesome and impressive.
    Raju had planned for my EBC trekking for 15 days October 15 to 30 in 2022. The trekking crew of Himalayan Vista is so supportive and they care for us at every step of our trekking expedition. We started our adventure early flight from Kathmandu to Lukla and started walking through such an inspirational trail to the Everest region.
    People were so friendly and supportive and our guide explain all about the mountains, the history of the Sherpa people, and the diverse mountain landscapes. It was really magnificent trip to EBC. If you are considering for Nepal Trek I highly recommend Himalayan Vista Trekking which I found highly reliable and responsible for everything. They prioritize clients’ safety, successful trip, and enjoyable trekking.

    • Prakash Koirala
    • March 14, 2023

    Everest Base Camp Trek

    Everest Base Camp Trek is the most awesome trekking trip in our life experience. In 2018 I and my wife were planning for trekking in Nepal and we found Himalayan Vista Trekking for operating our adventure. They provided different trekking options for us. Among them, we found Everest Base Camp Trek is the best alternative for our adventure journey. I consulted with my wife and she agreed to commence the Journey to Everest. It was great pleasurable trekking with an experienced guide and trekking crew who supported me in every step of walking. It was impossible to make such a wonderful hike to EBC without the HVT team. I found the Himalayan Vista Trekking is the most professional and systematic for anything that we need on our excursion. I liked every service provided by HVT and it is so impressive management and fantastic trip organization. We fully enjoyed our Everest Base Camp Trek which was started on April 10 – 25 2018. We would like to impress our gratitude for the best trekking trip in Nepal to Mr. Raju Gurung, Managing Director of Himalayan Vista Trekking Pvt. Ltd for the perfect and systematic operation of our memorable adventure. If you are looking for trekking in Nepal, no doubt HVT is the best and most convenient trekking company in Nepal which you can use for your successful trip in Nepal. They focus on safety and successful and enjoyable trips in Nepal. We did lots of enjoyment and fun our trekking and hope you will enjoy it too.

    • Simon

    $1500 USD

    Per Person

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